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Please contact Montgomery County Council, by Monday, April 23


To keep Registration Fees low for our Saturday School students and families


Easy 2-Step process:

see Sample Letter and email contacts to copy/paste, below.


Silver Spring, MD – April 20, 2018:


Dear Saturday School families and friends,

The FY19 Montgomery County budget currently includes a $50,000 reduction in funding for The George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Academy (GBTLA).

During the April 18, 2018 meeting of Health and Human Services, Education Committee, GBTLA Executive Director Barkley testified that this reduction would require an increase in fees for Saturday School for families of Montgomery County.  In response to this testimony, the Education Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the funds be restored by the County Council

In order for this to happen, we need your help!

The County Council needs to hear from Saturday School supporters – by this Monday, April 23.

Please contact the County Council by email, or telephone, today through Monday, April 23 to request that the County Council accept the recommendation of the Health and Human Services Education committee to restore the $50,000 budget back for the George B. Thomas Learning Academy and Saturday School program.

We’ve made contact easy!  Below, we’ve provided a sample letter to the County Council that you can use in your email. Feel free to personalize the letter, if you wish. Contact emails (and phone numbers) to each County Council member are also provided.

Thank you in advance for your action.


Khadija F. Barkley

Executive Director

The George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Academy/Saturday School



(copy and paste letter, below, into your email; edit, if  you would like.)


Montgomery County Council

100 Maryland Avenue, 6th Floor

Rockville, MD 20850


Dear Council Member,

I am writing to ask for your support of Saturday School, a program of The George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Academy.

I am a concerned resident of Montgomery County, and I value the benefits of this long-standing program that provides mentoring and tutoring for the students and families of Montgomery County.

I, along with many other parents and community members, know how the Saturday School program supports the academic achievement of our students, and I urge you and other members of the Council to accept the recommendation of the Health and Human Services – Education Committee to restore the $50,000 to the FY19 budget for The George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Academy.

Otherwise, this budgetary reduction of $50,000 would force the Learning Academy to increase yearly registration fees for Saturday School, causing a hardship to many families. 

Thank you for your time and careful consideration of this matter.


Saturday School Supporter


(Copy and paste all emails, below, at once into your email)



To email all Councilmembers together, copy and paste all emails together  – below – into your “Send to” field of your email:



Individual contact information of the nine Montgomery County Council members:


Nancy Floreen (D-at large)


Office Contact: Brenda Briney


George Leventhal (D-at large)


Office Contact: Andrea Parodi


Hans Riemer (D-at large)


Office Contact: Jason Fasteau


Marc Elrich (D-at large)


Office Contact: Mara Parker


Roger Berliner (D-Distric1 1)


Office Contact: Matt Higgins


Craig Rice (D-District 2)


Office Contact: Daniella Moya-Geber


Sidney Katz (D-District 3)


Office Contact: Jackie Hawksford


Nancy Navarro (D-District 4)


Office Contact: Rose Hacking


Tom Hucker (D-District 5)


Office Contact: Julie Ceron


Saturday School’s core program provides learning support and academic tutoring for Grade K-12.

Other programs and partnerships are also designed to enhance student confidence and success – and provide support for their families.