Over 30 Years of Service to the Community

The George B. Thomas Learning Academy, and its signature program Saturday School, have been supporting youth education and academic achievement in Montgomery County since 1986.

It has been a collaborative effort for over 30 years, in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools and the dedicated community members who help make our work possible.

Originally known as the Olney Saturday School, the first learning center was established in 1986 by members of the MU NU Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Recognizing a growing need in the community to improve academic achievement, these individuals focused on helping young students with extra academic support.

The group began with 21 children and 19 volunteers who met on Saturday mornings at the Housing Opportunities Commission center in Olney, Maryland.

In 1994, a second location was established in at Sherwood High School in Sandy Spring, and, by 2005, twelve Saturday School centers were serving communities across Montgomery County.

Today, the George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Academy serves over 3,000 students annually and works in tandem with Montgomery County Public Schools. With Saturday School as our primary program, our focus is to support MCPS cluster schools – elementary, middle and high schools – in key areas where our work will have the greatest impact.

Dr. George B. Thomas Sr.

Dr. George B. Thomas, Sr. (1929  – 2016) retired in July of 2016 from his position as founder and President of the non-profit organization that bears his name, and he remained active in his work to the day of his passing. His strong belief in learning and life-long commitment to education continues to inspire our community, and it serves to guide the work still necessary to eliminate the achievement gap among students nationwide.

Read more about Dr. George B. Thomas, Sr. in this News Release – July 2016: News Release – Dr. George B. Thomas, Sr. Retires

“….When he opened the doors to the first Saturday School classroom, Dr. Thomas was acting on his belief in the importance of education as the guarantor of a level playing field. ‘I grew up in a family of sharecroppers in segregated South Carolina, but I took to heart the message my mother repeated—that education is the great equalizer,’ Dr. Thomas said. ‘She was determined that I would have a good education. The full life that has provided me is there for all of us if we persevere and are encouraged by a caring community. That community of support and learning is what Saturday School delivers.’ ”

Watch video on the life and work of Dr. George B. Thomas, Sr.

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Khadija Barkley

Executive Director

Khadija Barkley has been the Executive Director of the George B. Thomas Learning Academy – and its signature program, Saturday School – since July of 2015.

Prior to joining the organization, Mrs. Barkley was an administrator with Montgomery County Public Schools, serving six years as Principal of the Roberto W. Clemente Middle School in Germantown.

Main Office Staff and Center Directors
Main Office Staff:
Khadija F. BarkleyExecutive Director
Cynthia G. AndersonDirector of Development
Juanita KingOffice Manager
Shelia J. HarrisonDirector of Programs
Christine HayesMarketing, Print Graphics, & Grant Writer
Dr. Ocheze JosephDirector of Curriculum and Instruction
Paul CostelloAmericorp Project Change
Bernadine GreenAdministrative Assistant
Center Directors:
Don MilnerAchievers
Elyse RidgesAdventurers
Allison KimballBelievers
Jeannette Brooks
Cara Grant
Nikki MoralesDreamers
Adam RitchieScholars
Reginald M. FeltonPresident
James Martin
Vice President
Hula Edmonds
James Rodgers
Hoan Dang
General Member
Maria Garcia
General Member
Dr. Leonard Haynes, III
General Member
Troy Priest, Esq
Board Counsel
Khadija Barkley
Executive Director
Kathryn MartinGeneral Member
Eric BaileyGeneral Member
Vincent NapoleonGeneral Member
Dr. Adam MckeeGeneral Member
David Hill, Esq.General Member
Edmund B. Stevens, ED.DGeneral Member
Lauren PeirceGeneral Member
Paul ScottGeneral Member
Lorenzo Prillman ED.DGeneral Member
Key Funding Partners

Montgomery County Government

Montgomery County Public School


Achieve 3000

Adsystech, Inc.

Bailey Wealth Advisors

Capital Peers Investments

Chesapeake Employers Insurance


Coffey Consulting, LLC


DeWitt and Associates

Educational Systems Federal Credit Union


Hargrove, Inc.

ID Private Equity

Intelligent Decisions

KRA Corporation

NRG Energy

Penan & Scott, P.C.

Pepco Holdings, Inc

PRM Consulting

Quality Biological, Inc.

Thompson Hospitality

United Communications Group, Inc.

Washington Gas


Achieve 3000

Adsystech, Inc.

Bailey Wealth Advisors

Capital Peers Investments

Chesapeake Employers Insurance


Coffey Consulting, LLC


DeWitt and Associates

Educational Systems Federal Credit Union


Hargrove, Inc.

Other Non-Government Organizations

ID Private Equity

Intelligent Decisions

KRA Corporation

NRG Energy

Penan & Scott, P.C.

Pepco Holdings, Inc

PRM Consulting

Quality Biological, Inc.

Thompson Hospitality

United Communications Group, Inc.

Washington Gas

Montgomery County Alliance of Black School Educators

Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals

Montgomery County Education Association

South Carolina State University Alumni, Washington DC Chapter

Educational Institutions

Albert Einstein HS Art Department

Montgomery College

Our Lady Of Good Counsel High School

The Universities at Shady Grove.

Individual Donors

Richard Ahlberg

Annie Ahmed

Nancy Aldous

Sanford O. Ames

Robert and Wanda Anastasi

Anonymous Donor

Felton and Fran Armstrong

Howard Atkinson, Jr.

Robert Atkinson

Knowlton Atterbeary

Arnold Avant * and Dorothy Avant

Robin Avant

Janine Bacquie

Eric Bailey*

Gail Bailey

Larry Bakley

Christopher S. Barclay

Nancy Becker

Milton Bernard, D.D.S.

Lewis A. Berry

Julia Bidwick

Sonia Bivens

Col. Clinton Black

Eddie Black

Connie Blake

Skip Bland

James Bonner

Larry Bowers

Kitty Bradley

Francis and Bob Brady

Shirley Brandman

Wilbert Briggs

Oceola and Tyrone Briscoe

Alfred Brock

Mamie Brown

Rev. Keith Byrd

Lynnwood Campbell

Paulette Walker Campbell

Lottie Burruss Cantey

Dickie Carter

Mary Casco

Robert Cason

Marielena Castro-Gutierrez

Adrian and Jan Chapman

Lester and Amy Coffey

Delores Cole

Willie H. Coleman

Nancy Westin-Colton

Phil Colton

Marsha N. Corley

Paul Costello

Courtland Cox

Aileen Craig

Marty Creel

Sterling Crockett

Lawrence and Glenda Cross

Brenda Dancil-Jones

Hoan Dang*

John C. Davis

Priscilla Delong

Frank Dickey

Judith R. Docca

Lorraine Driver

Mark Drury

Michael A. Durso

Hula C. Edmonds*

Reginald M. Felton*

Robert Felton

Pearl Flowers

Genevieve Floyd

Jeremiah Floyd

Sherrell Ford-Pierce

Joan Foster

Laura Frene

Wilbur H. Friedman

Marcellous Frye, Jr.

Tracye Funn

Maria S. Garcia*

Thomas Gentile

Lynn Gertz

Cynthia Gill

Woodrow Gill

Cephus and Thurman Goldman

Ginny Gong

Solomon Graham

Donna Graves

Sidney Green

Gary Greene

Doris Handy

Cynthia and Michael Hardy

David Harris, Jr.

Milton Harrison

Leonard L. Haynes, III*

Henry and Bonnie Heller

Bill and Karen Henry

Dr. and Mrs. Marc Hertzman

Marcella A. Hickey

David A. Hill

DeAngela Hill

Lamar Hill

Donna S. Hollingshead

Melissa Holloway

Maj. General Arthur, Jr.

Wilma K. Holmes

Frances Hooks

Jill Howell

Jerry A. Hubbard, Sr.

Roland Ikheloa

Elizabeth Ingram

Emma James

Robert J. Jamison

Shawn Jenkins

Bobby C. Jewett

Frank L. Joe

Bob and Bonnie Johnson

George Johnson

Maurice Johnson

Michael Johnson

Robert Johnson

Jerry L. Jones, Jr.

Philip Kauffman

Clare Keller

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George D. Kimbrough

Rollie Kimbrough

Patricia King

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Don and Joanne Kress

Kelli Kunert

Lewis and Gwendolyn Kurtz

Frieda K. Lacey

Alvin Lambert

Erick J. Lang

Judy Lapping

Calvin and Esperanza LaRoche

Constance T. Laws

Laurence M. Laws

Charles Lawson

Isiah and Catherine Leggett

Betty Leonard

Reginald Lewis

Sharon Leyhow

Mark and Anna Maggio

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Richard C. Markle

James Martin*

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Kathryn Martin*

Ailyn Martinez

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Carla McGill

Richard “Crow” Mitchell, II

Ruby Moone

Sylvia Morrison

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Susanne Murray

Vincent Napoleon, Esq.*

Linda A. Natale

Maria V. Navarro

B. Eugene Neal

Kenneth Nelson

Michael O’Bryant

Patricia O’Neill

Barron Oakcrum

John M. Organ

Rose Parker

Suzanne and Gaffar Peang-Meth

Ida Polcari

Anita Powell

Dr. William O. Powell, Jr.*

Troy A. Priest, Esq.*

Tony Proctor

Douglas Prouty

Yolanda Pruitt

Shalom Raboya

Cynthia A. Rattley

Ed Reback

Red Door Spa

Charles Reese

Carolynn Reid-Wallace

Glen Rempe

Carmen and Carol Rivera

James E. Rodgers*

Steven W. Rose

Elinor J. Rouff

Ann Rudd

Rupert Landscaping

Sandy Spring Bank

Scott Satterlund

Carol Schatz-Rogers

Marilyn and Barry Scheiner

William Schlossenberg

Joy Schwab

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Scull

Ruth E. Sernak

Daniel Shea

Rosa V. Shelton

James Sherard

Michael Shpur

Darlene Simmons

Parnell Singleton

Jeffrey Z. Slavin

Leilani Henry Smith

Richard Smith

Rebecca Smondrowski

Clarence and Judy Snuggs

Samuel Spann, III

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Kimberly Statham

Frank and Teri Sue Stetson

Barron and Elizabeth Stroud

Mike Tellschow

Danielle Tetens

Charles J. Thomas

Clarence Thomas, Jr.

David and Donna Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. George B. Thomas, Sr.*

Mable D. Thomas

Marvin and Lori Thomas

Michael and Karen Thomas

Benita Thompson-Byas

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